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Selecting the Best Baby Girl Pageant Dresses to WOW the Judges!

Selecting the Best Baby Girl Pageant Dresses to WOW the Judges!Research has recently shown that children who participate in pageants develop skills that serve them well throughout life. They become confident, poised, well-spoken, can make friends more easily and, when on-stage, they sparkle! Regardless of how bubbly their personality, however, to get the judges attention from the first step on stage, it all begins with the right baby girl pageant dresses.

When in pageant, the dress is scored very high as it impacts overall appearance scores. Selecting the right attire begins with understanding the type of competition to be held. Whether natural beauty, glitz, or the Miss America contest, there are certain rules that should be followed. This is especially so when choosing baby girl pageant dresses.

For those entering natural beauty and local non-glitz or low-glitz events, there are many options. Flower girl dresses, a party dress, or a dress worn to church are often appropriate. For those going glitz, however, the guidelines can be more specific, especially when it comes to baby girl pageant dresses.

The fit is critical in competition, as is the quality of the finished product. Strings hanging from hems, loose beading, petticoats that show, or ill-fitting garments all result in deductions. This is especially true with baby girl pageant dresses since children are often accompanied by parents and are carried when very young. These garments are available in one or multiple pieces, and will typically be the most expensive part of competition.

In selecting a dress for a glitz competition, it should be a cupcake design with several layers. The hem should be the length of where the child's fingertips hit, and the bodice should fit snugly. This skirt style is recognizable for its "fishline" hem, which stands out on its own with wavy edges. These baby girl pageant dresses have a delightful dash of decoration, with winning styles finding embellishment from rhinestones and other types of pretty, sparkling stones.

Finally, it is important to note that the judges need to see the child and not just the dress. It is easy to become overly-ambitious and end up with a beautiful baby that appears to have been swallowed by her dress and accessories! Additionally, with many colors available, finding the best complement to your daughter’s complexion and hair color is easy.

Regardless of which baby girl pageant dresses are selected, this type of competition can enhance many aspects of her developing personality, and importantly, help her make new friends while having a great time!

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